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Empty Arms With Hope

Roses in December                                               Marilyn Heavilin


This book is written by a woman who lost two sons. She writes movingly about her story and gives an insight into how she coped and how God cared for her. Emotional and easy read. A good book to give to bereaved parents.




Safe In The Arms Of God                                    John  F MacArthur


A thorough and helpful book that talks about what the Bible has to say about children who die and Heaven. It's a comprehensive book and probably more useful in the subsequent months after losing a child.

When Heaven Is Silent                                        Ron Dunn


The book goes through his personal story of grief coupled with great Bible teaching on suffering and loss. A good book for men (and women!).

The Glory Of Heaven; The Truth                        John  F MacArthur

About Heaven, Angels And Eternal Life


This covers most questions you might have asked about Heaven. Whilst he doesn't claim to know the answer to every question, he shows clearly what the Bible says about Heaven and what we really can understand.

Gone, But Not Lost                                                David Wiersbe


A really helpful book for most people to read, whether you have lost a child through miscarriage or later on. A comforting book that talks about grief, the hope you can have and is written in a very sensitive way. A good book to give bereaved parents.


Ministering To The Mourning                        Warren & David Wiersbe


A very useful book if you are dealing with grieving people. Its a book that every pastor or fulltime Christian worker would benefit from reading.

Holding On To Hope                                            Nancy Guthrie


An extremely moving book. The author takes you through the book of Job (in the Bible) and interweaves the story about her family and how they lost two daughters to the same condition.

A Sacred Sorrow                                                Michael Card


Michael Card takes you on a journey looking at the importance of pouring your heart out to God. Whilst it's not a book specifically about bereavement, it encourages you to express your emotions towards God, who understands them completely.

Empty Arms                                                    Keren Baker


A short book showing the lessons that I've learned through my daughters death and how God has helped me through it.