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Books are some of the best ways of communicating with children. Concepts such as death and heaven can be explored using stories and help children to come to terms with the struggles that they are facing.










































Empty Arms With Hope

Laura's Granny                                       Sarah Bowen


A simple book explaining death to children, useful for 5+. Laura's Granny dies and the book tells the story. Talks about what was going to happen to her and Heaven.

No Matter What                                              Debi Gliori


A beautiful storybook to assure children that they are loved 'no matter what'. As death creates insecurity and unsettles children, books like this serve to reassure them.


Sad Book                                                           Michael Rosen


A book without words going through the experiences and feelings of someone who is grieving. Good for older children/teenagers particularly because it encourages them to think about how they feel without any 'leading' text.

Always and Forever                              Alan Durant / Debi Gliori


A book about the death of one of the animal and how his friends come to terms with missing him. A great springboard for talking about how you all feel.

Helping Children Cope With The              William C Kroen

Loss Of A Loved One


A guide for adults, showing how children of different ages perceive and react to death. Gives many good suggestions.

Water Bugs & Dragonflies                   Doris Stickney


A fable that is based on explaining death and Heaven in form of analogy. It needs some explaining to children and is best for older children.

Sad Isn't Bad                                       Michaelene Mundy


A book useful for children aged 7 and older to read to themselves, and below that age would be useful if adults read it and asked the questions in simpler form. Not as suitable for teenagers because of simplistic language.

Discover Paradise                                David Jeremiah


'A guidebook to Heaven, your true home', it states and it's a brilliant book for teens and adults. It asks lots of thought provoking questions about heaven and is divided into short punchy chapters. A good book to give to teens and adults.

Someday Heaven                                 Larry Libby


A lovely simple book to read to children that answers many questions they may have about heaven. It uses Bible passages but also gets the children to use their imagination a little.   

Muddles, Puddles & Sunshine              


A book produced by Winstons Wish that is a workbook or memory creator for children. You would do together and its a lovely record (pictures or words) of your childs memories of the person who has died

Out Of The Blue


A book produced by Winstons Wish that is a workbook or memory creator for older children/teenagers. You could do this together and its a great record (words and pictures) of your childs memories of the person who has died